Animation | B-War

Lockdown Opening

This animation was something I came up with during lockdown to keep myself from going crazy at home with nothing to do in my free time. I literally took all of the abandoned project toys out of the box and finally put them to use. I have always enjoyed the intros of the animations I've watched since I was a child. It may be very difficult to create an animated series, but at least I am starting with the idea and opening.

Most of these characters and vehicles were only used for a couple of images and have been created for 10-20 years. I tried to include everything that has always influenced me to create things like mech, anime, tanks, battles, cartoons, monsters, etc...etc... I did everything in 3ds max, redshift, after effects, and premiere. The render took a long time on a single computer. Now there is nothing left unused on my hard drive... Moving ahead to create something new.